What to do next

I want my Boyfriend of 3 yrs back we lived together like we were married and then we fought about money. He said he was never going to get married so I told him I did not want to help him pay his mortgage then, so he asked me to move out he wanted space, a break and to do things he could not do. He went back to school where there are many girls, but we are 39 and he still wants to be single and party. I had no choice but to move out, but made it a nice break up. Now I have gotten the makeover, hair nails, face etc. bought new perfume and pheromones,clothes, had fun with friends, still going out with friends, given space,hardly called, saw him a couple of times. Now I need the next few steps on what to do,???? its been two months. I want back in his life. He has to miss me I did everything for him. So I have followed advice on every website I need more, steps beyond just not calling him. I look great too and feel good but I cant stop thinking about him every minute. How can you let him see how much fun you are having when you never see him. Also I have not even told 85% of my friends because I dont want to talk about it or go to bars or date anyone else. So far we are on really good terms he just calls less and less. Oh and Dont use the friend word with an ex then you put yourself on a different level, we are attracted to each other.