Speaking for Guys

The people who made this site should be given a round of applause, anyway, being friends with a guy is a good way to start a relationship, as many of you have put it as well. One thing that I have had trouble with is that chivalry has almost gone out of the window. I have been raised up in a upper-middle class family, and now a days I see guys going to a girls house, and just ploping down on the couch, it you happen to have a guy like that tell him about your father, and i have found out that any father that I have met, most of the fathers are my friends' fathers, have absolutly loved me for actually treating their daughters with respect, and Shaking their hands, shaking hands for fathers is a great sign of respect to them, and that will also help smooth some of the awkwardness when you guy friends, or boyfriends comes over to pay a visit,so tell him to at least look your father in the eye and shake his hand, it has worked every time for me as an ice-breaker.
One thing that girls can do that the "target," or guy that you are interested in, is to wear a good smelling perfume. Another thing that you can do is make him, i would underline make but i cannot on this site, open the doors for you, and do other things that is expected for guys to do, the reason i tell you to do that is due to the fact that guys almost want only one thing, and you already know, so if he really is interested in you, or at least is kind enough to, then LET HIM open doors and the whole nine yards, don't resist him from doing so, because the more you resist the more childish it becomes.
This is either on the top of the list or very very close to the top of things that most guys generally do not like. A little drama is alright, but getting mad at a guy for a reason that he obviously cannot comprehend is a bad move. I am a guy, and I am going to say this, guys are not the brightest creatures, and so if he forgets something, if it is a minor thing save some drama and don't blow it out of proportion, for example something that you would think would be taboo, well might seem so at first is your boyfriend walking with another girl, assuming the fact that he did not blow you off, because 1. he might not have heard you. 2 The matter that the two are discussing might be something like the girls family member dying and she needed someone to relate to and talk to about it, or something that the girl had dire importance to talk to him about. 3. If you do happen to see him walking with the girl and it seems that it is itimate, the by all means do what would be coming to him,DUMP HIS SORRY BEING.
There are many things that can attract guys, and so i will hit one some key points: Accept Chivalry, it is going extinct, and that should not be the case, Tease him, but men are very teritorial if you are dating him, or if he is interested in you, by any means, DO NOT do somethings that would hurt him because that is how fights occur, and drama goes to new levels, Dress a little risqué, but not slutty show him a little to get his attention, but my all means do not show him everything, keep him wondering, also make sure to do something special for him, guys like knowing girls are the bored with them just as much as you girls, Be yourself, it makes it harder to love you if you never act yourself, basically it would be like loving a side of someone, but not loving the whole person which is a bad thing, try to be friends first because it is a lot easier to get him to feel attached to you, if you love the guy, don't push him away because he might never get the message, like I said "guys are not the most intelligent creatures," and one final thing on the list, dramatic pause, guys are very visual, while you girls are verbal, so being a little aggressive when it comes to body language, and dressing would be a good thing.