Trust me if u do this you'll get a girl!!

There's only one thing that girls want from guys is attention!!
If a girl doesn't get much attention then she might feel lonely (most does). All we want is a guy who is himself and not some other movie star freak!! Just be yourself and you'll be find. And it's not always about the looks, we want a guy who will not be scared to hug us.
This is the list u need to know:
1. Pay more attention
2. Be yourself
3. If you see your gf that looks sad ask her what happened and if she said "notthing" then don't bother. Put up some jokes or something. Or hug her that would make her feel alot better.
4. Don't act cool. If u act too cool then girls would think your just a show off.
5. Be nice.
6. Atleast give her a smile in the morning

These are the basics that u need to get a girl.