The way you make me feel

How you make me feel

In your arms I long to be
To feel your touch is all I need
You must have seen when we first met how much I was shaking
My heart was pounding the whole airport must have heard the sound it was making

Go you donít know how hard it was to keep to our two-hour rule
I just wanted to rip your clothes off to tug and pull
Babe I never wanted someone so much
I nearly melted under your touch

It broke my heart when you got on that plane
I did not think I would ever get over that pain
I dream each night of us together
Our love will survive whatever the weather

There might be an ocean that keeps us apart
But you know you have stolen my heart
With you the nature seems more wonderful
The air tastes sweeter the sky is more beautiful

You try to keep yourself hidden inside
I should be there to wipe the tears you have cried
Am I the only one who has seen the real you
Now I know what you alone knew

Now my focus is on Niagara Falls
I find it hard to work to type to make phone calls
Babe remember we were made for each other
And what I feel for you I could never feel for another