Is sorry just a word? Or is it an action?
Is it a phrase design designed for human satisfaction?
To me itís a fake word nothing more than just a blurb.
I wish you knew I am more than sorry for all I have done; every time I spoke Iím sure you felt under the gun.
Pick you head up and hold it high,
No more will I be that guy!
Iíve changed I hope you can see,
Darling you meant the world to me.
Before I made things so hard, I yelled I screamed,
The exact opposite of your dreams.
I broke your heart and I wish you knew,
Just how different I am, Iím new!
Iím sorry for everything that ever went on,
I pray you and my apologies will correspond. .
Nights went by and my pillow wet,
With tears of sorrow remorse and regret
You said you needed a break and it hurt me bad,
Only if I listened neither of us would be sad.
But now I have changed and I think so new,
Now just give me the chance to prove it to you.
I want it all back and you in my arms,
Everything was right you were my good luck charm.
I love you babe and I always will,
When I called you that your spine it would chill.
Before you told me no longer are you my babe,
Weíre apart thatís it what could I say?
I want you back by my side,
Riding front seat with me for lifeís roller coaster ride.
When we held each other I wish it didnít end,
I would bend time just to hold you again.
Through though times and rough times you were always there,
Thatís what a bestfriend doesÖthey care!
When we met and our eyes locked,
I am sure of it, my heart surely stopped.
Your skin so smooth and eyes so clear,
When I looked at you I had not a fear.
Darling youíre the most beautiful girl Iíve ever met,
Think about all the good times and memories never forget!
Falling in love at camp as friends, babe tonight Iím falling for you all over again.
Everything we had and were, love, it felt so right,
Beautiful girl will you return into my arms,
Starting tonight?