Hwo to make her swoon at the thought of you.

When you hug her, wrap your arms around her waist. Lightly, just barely skimming her body, not a forceful squeeze. =P It'll drive her wild and leave her wanting more.

If you don't have the courage to hug her, if you doubt she knows you even exist, then there is a basic icebreaker that works every time. ;D When she's walking between classes, sneak up behind her (And I mean sneak, don't run, don't rush, casually stride up to her.) and tap her on the shoulder on the opposite side of you. She'll turn her head the wrong way, then towards you, and she'll see you smiling at her silliness. ;D Tell her she's so easy to trick or something witty. Thus the convo begins. ;D

And NEVER ask for a hug. Surprise her, hug her from behind, (Arms around the waist, this is a rule.) and whisper something like, "Boo." In her ear. This'll leave her thinking about you all day, waiting to see what you'll do tomorrow.

DO smell good. Some ladies like Axe, some like Tag, some dislike both, some prefer others. It all depends.
DO Stay clean. Nothing grosser than a sweaty guy flirting with you.
DO Keep in shape. No necessarily buffed up, but if your boney or chubby it's usually a turn off.
DO Be confident.

DONT be sexual when you touch her. No ass grabbing, boob grabbing, or touching her in any ways she dislikes.
DONT talk about other girls. It kills her confidence if she likes you back. Of course, it won't show, us women are very good at hiding pain. But we're dieing inside when you talk about ex's and some girl who did something funny or how big someone elses boobs are, ect.
DONT Have sweaty hands. UGGH! It's so nasty. Wash them often, some guys even apply a spray on anitpersperant before they leave the house and touch it up between classes. ;D Wierd, I know, but sweaty hands really are nasty.

That's about it.
I wish you luck in pursueing your lady.