A girls Points of view! (10 tips)

This might not work for everybody

1. Compliment!!!! we take our time in the morning fo you so compliment us

2. Dont be so tense! you guys always seem to be tense to girls just loosen up a bit.

3. Body Odor! just dont stink plz

4.Make the first move! studies show that 99.9 percent of girls want you to make the first move.

5. Show your emotions! We can tell so don't hide it

6. If something is wrong come up front with it! If something is wrong we want to know don't hide it.

7. Don't keep saying Duuude or Tottttally! it gets annoying

8. Dont talk to other girls in front of our faces! we get really jelous and might block you out.

9. We do notice a difference! we notice when you change something just remember that.

10. We might talk about our ex! but that just shows how much we like you better then him!

keep these in mind! this quilifies for 83% of girls!