Angel Of War

I`d cry myself to sleep
Every single night
Missing you so much
Wondering if you were alright

You said you`d love me forever
Even after the day you die
But I wasn`t sure what to think
When we all said a final goodbye

Vietnam was heavy and cold
The guns and bombs so loud
Everyone putting up a good fight
Making their friends and families proud

Always working so hard
Scince the very start
Up until the moment
The bullet went through your heart

Ever scince they told me
That the war had taken your life
All I have is your memories
Cutting through me like a knife

Don`t worry about me
I`m going to be okay
I think that`s just about everything
I only have one thing left to say

Just for you to wait
Because my day will soon come
And we can be together
In a life that we`ll be as one

By: Brittany