what we want

well what we want is a girl who will stick around, well most of us do at least, girls dont give yourself to him full out straight up make us wait i know its strange coming a from a guy but it makes us want to know what will happen next time, well thats me at least =D tell us that you love us dont just knod and smile, we are humans with feelings we get hit bad by breakups where we care about a girl so much its unbelievable and yes we do cry if you think it makes us less manly oh well, and compliment us when we compliment you we need those these are all the things that i want in a girl i also want a girl who will trust me love me waste all her credit on me and give her best buddy a miss for me it makes us feel sooooooooo special well thats basically everything oh one last itty bitty thing tell us that you love us