this is not a tip but ..

well, i have alot of numbers of other guys.. BUT, i have never ever cheated on my boyfriend before.. I talk to other guys, but never like .. " OMG I LOVE YOU, dont tell my bf! D: " etc. I'd never do that, i love my bf..
but then, i change the those guy's names on my phone, so my boyfriend wont get mad that i have most of guys's numbers.
Well, most of them i talk to and ask for help, but then.. the rest i just talk to, and sometimes i flirt.. i cant help it. im a flirt .. But, i never ever am going to cheat !
im just confused right now with my life ..
arguments with my bf ! so much .. i just dont know what to do .. =| ..
and plus, he lies to me too.. it hurts. Alot. i forgive him, but it seems like he lies to me alot!

- this is very confusing, im sorry .. =|