Everything Guys Need To Know To Get A Girl

1. Any girl would love if you said something sweet like "Hey cutie" if you're into her and she might be into you. She'll notice how sweet you are and want to start up a conversation.

2. When you pass a girl that you're into in a hallway or something, smile at her and say "Hi" at least. Or if you're brave, wink or maybe bump her on purpose then exaggeratedly say "Whoops! I didn't see you there." She'll know you were joking and she giggle about it. Just don't bump her hard because you don't want her to fall over because then she would feel like an idiot.

3. Girls LOVE when a guy texts in the morning just to say "Good morning!" Or at night to say "Good night."

4. If a girl you're not into is showing hints of being into you, try to show her subtly that you're just not into her. Don't lead her on or flirt obviously with one of her friends while she's around, she will HATE that. Just try to be nice about it. If she tries to flirt with you, just try to seem like you're more interested in something else. If you're focused on something else, she'll get it and after a few times, she'll probably give up.

5. If you like a girl, tell her!!! If she's been flirting with you or trying to be near you and get your attention, she probably likes you. She's probably just waiting for YOU to make the first move. Most girls aren't brave enough to do that. Also, some girls might think it seems pushy or desperate to ask a guy out, so just DO IT!! If she seems into you, chances are, she'll say YES.