ok, so i was sitting with my friends at a party, then a SUPER hot guy came up to me and took my hand without saying anything and led me outside. we stood at the end of the garden and he just stared into my eyes, i was about to ask him what he wanted, but then he pressed his finger to my lips, then went in for the kill. he held my hips and started kissing me with toungues. he held the belt loops of my jeans, then pushed me against the wall, and then he started giving me kisses all over my neck, and he nibbled my ear and my bottom lip and stuff, then he was pressing his groin to mine and grinding, then after 10 minutes of this, he pulled back and said...

"by the name's luke" then gave me the sexiest smile EVER

this was like 6 months ago, and i remember it as if it was yesterday. and to this day he is my boyfriend.

guys, try it on a girl you like, it just might work!