In November last year, I seperated with my fiance after 8 years of being together, I have no reason really as to why I made this decision, and I totally regret my actions now. I didnt talk to him for 3 months and he tried so hard to get me back and I didn't care at that time. :( I started dating someone new in Jan this year and all my feelings came flooding back for my ex, I broke it off with the new guy and text my ex who wasnt too thrilled to hear from me, we ended up meeting up and he kissed me, I asked him why he kissed me and he replied "It use to be so good, i wanted to try it again" anyway we talked and I apolygised for everything and asked that we get back together and he said not at the moment as I hurt him so bad... I believe there is hope for us to re-unite, but i just need to give TIME time, and be happy around him at all times, even though it is hard. Also we have a child together and our child so wants mummy and daddy back together. Over the last 4 months things have improved, but he constantly brings up the past and it makes me feel bad. I have begged and cried for him to take me back, which only makes him ignore me, he told me that he would want to be around me more if I was happy and didn't cry etc. We have been sleeping together the whole time we have been talking again, and hanging out more often, but that is as far as it goes at this stage. So my point is, be happy and he will be attracted to you, don't beg as this is rather unattractive and just go with the flow...If only I knew what I do now. Good luck to the rest of you who love your ex as much as I do.. xx