Simply forget about him, convince yourself that he's going to be more hurt then you are. Picture that one day he's going to be crying over you instead of you crying over him. GIVE UP on making things work. GIVE up on his games, and his selfish ways, and your lonely nights, and just FORGET about him. If your like me you've tried to let go many many times because you saw no change in him, and you wanted more out of hims that he couldn't give you. You did so much for him but you've probably seen nothing in return. If you were like me he probably walked all over you, and belittled you. So STAND UP SISTER, and let the sucker know your DONE. Don't ignore him, try not to care, its the hardest thing to do, but refrain from texting or callin or wanting to hang out. REFRAIN FROM DEVELOPING EMOTIONS. Cause I promise you its going to feel really good when he finally sees that letting you go was the biggest mistake. And by then, You wont want him any more.