A Can Full of Love

I took an aluminium can, in my case it was a can of Campbell's Chicken Soup, any can will work so long as it has a pull-tab top so that she can open it without a can opener.

The first step was to remove the label, this part is easy, it just peels off. The next step was messy, I used a hacksaw to cut the can in half.

I cut the can across what would be considered the "waist" of the can. You have to make your cut as even and as square as possible.

Be careful here because the edges of your newly-cut can will be very sharp. I used a file and some sandpaper to round it off and get rid of any nasty edges.

*VERY IMPORTANT* At this point, you will want to clean out your can so that the contents will not smell like chicken soup or whatever was originally in the can. Rinse it and let it dry.

Now pack your can full of candy or something she will love, In mine I included a hand-written note and a photograph of the two of us as well as a bunch of sweets. Replace the other side of the can and seal it shut again with a strip of duct tape wrapped around it to hold it back together. Do your best to seal it up using as few layers of tape as possible. One strip wrapped all the way around as tightly as possible should do fine.

Get on your computer and print out a nice label (or draw it by hand if you've got the talent) and cut it to fit your can. Make sure it wraps all the way around the can to conceal your handiwork with the duct tape.

Present her with her Can of Love, maybe include a card or something, or leave it hidden where she will find it. This is a nice surprise because she can open it whenever she wants, and it's easily hidden somewhere without worrying about the contents falling out. Also, her curiosity will not let the mystery of a sealed can of goods just for her with her name on it go untouched.

When she finally opens it, she will find all the things you included for her. If you include personal things like a note or a photo, she will realize that it's just for her, and totally unique, not something you just bought off of a shelf at the Hallmark Store. It will look like a hermetically-sealed can of goodies that you somehow made just for her. If you do it right, she won't notice your sneaky work.

Her reaction from my giving her the can was great, and the first thing she asked was how I did it. At that point it's up to you to reveal your secret. If you tell her, she'll probably think it's sweet that you'd take the time to make something like that, or you can maintain the mystery.

1. Aluminum can with pull-tab top.
2. Hacksaw.
3. Goodies with which to fill can.
4. Duct tape.
5. Label.

Remember that hacksaws, and indeed any kind of tool, can be dangerous if misused. If you're doing this for a present for your sweetheart, be careful and take your time. Remember that this will make a mess, and you will have to clean off your tools. You may consider choosing something solid, like dog food. (MAKE SURE you clean it out, that smell is pretty gross) Chicken soup is very runny and made a total mess.

Most importantly, the more time you take to think about your project, the more personal it will be, and she will pick up on that. It's a very creative thing to do, but remember to be creative with the presentation of the can as well. Good luck!