Find the truth of your BF,before you comment anything.

I would like to you an important tip: It about my bf.We had 1 year love.But i cannot call it love also, bcos we were chating by sms throughout the year and had met only once and that is also for 1 Hours meeting.He always use to speak about huges and kisses. while talking i found His interest is always in sex.We never did anything.He is 10yrs younger then me than also he had proposed and i had accepted his proposal.But later on I came to know he was a big flirt.His interest is in womens elder then him and he was doing all this for sake of money.

We had argument and later on He left me and I also left him.But still i love him a lot. I dont know y m i love him and so loyal with him. I want to change him and make him a good human being.But its not possible.

So, before accepting anyone pls go on finding all this facts.