Making a girl know that u love her

Always tell ur gurl that u love her if she says she loves you more deny it and say u love her more .Tell her that shes the best thing thats ever happened you .Say really sweet things to get her to say"awwww ur so sweet".Tell her and say so this is what real love feels like?Ask her what her favorite type of dog does she like and TRUST me lots of girls like the sheperd dog always make her happy dont be a dick. Dont be so rough with her be a GENTLEmen wenever shes uncomfortable massage her. If shes tired let her lay on you. Tell her really romantic things. When she looks at you hold her hips and look deeply in her eyes and stare at then 4 awhile .tell her u feelings about her. If she says shes cold hold her really tight and massage her .The 2 most important things is that u should never lie to her and dont ever cheat EVER cuz no matter wat if she finds out she will be reallyy hurt and maybe be deppresed and want to never talk to you again its hapnd to me