Story Of A Lifetime

I was going out with a man for 2years we were closer the the sky and the sun, he went to jail after a misunderstanding. During his sentence he was communal to the absent friend that he had not really paid attention to while we were partners. After a year of him being in jail we broke up due to stress related issues. I still visited him many times after we had broken up, then it came to a halt.
We didn't speak for a year after that and then the day came when he came out of jail he was looking so brand new like he was born again. But unfortunately he no longer wanted to be the couple we were, we had sex two months after he came out of jail and i thought that was out chance to start a fresh relationship. But minute after while showering together he received a phone call i thought that he had received a call from his mum not only to notice that it was a girl on the phone an hour later i saw then kissing in the park i have now established that all men a dogs and that all women will fin the right man just when is the problem. I im now happily married and have four bueatiful children.