No means NO

If a girl you like tells you that she is in NO way attracted to you or interested in you, she is telling the truth. Girls may play games a little bit to seem more unavailable, but if you ask a girl straight up if she likes you and she really does, 100% she will say, yes, I find you very attractive. WHen a man does not listen to a girl when she says NO, and he just keeps and keeps at it, this is stalking. It is the same for guys...if he is breaking up with you...he is not in love with you. If he is sleeping with someone else, he is not in love with you. If he needles you and constantly puts you down...for sure he is not in love with you. He is an abuser and in need of the big boot. If he cant seem to make time for you, he is not in love with you. If he constantly breaks plans with you...he is definitely not in love with you. SO, what to do...move on to another great person who will be in love with you. It is truly THEIR loss. Get someone who makes you feel good about yourself, not bad. Love yourself. If your pet kept biting you over and over, would you still try to pet it? I bet you would say, NO.