dont get rapped around their little finger

i was with this boy for 2 years and at first he was lovely to me we used to do things together all the time.. we were inseperable, but after the 1st year he started to change and cared more about himself and the way he looked, after a couple of months his confidence gained and he started to become horrible to me telling me i wasnt allowed to go out and then he would go out to pubs himself, he was pushing me further and further away but at the same time i still really wanted to be with him bcoz he was my first proper love, after another couple of months i felt that this had to stop, i felt lonley i was loosing contact with my friends and i hardly saw him bcoz he was always out with friends, it was new years when i cheated on him and i felt sooo bad, but i told him bcoz its the best thing to do u cant let them find out from someone else, obviously he was devasted but hes the type to not show his emotions, he finished with me for at least two weeks wich i found really hard to deal with i cudnt eat properly and i cudnt sleep i just thought about him and cried and cried, i wudnt stop begging for him back and i cudnt stop txtin and ringing him...BIG MISTAKE, it just pushed him more away, thankfully i went on holiday for 2 weeks, which finally made him realise that he wanted me so when i came bak he decided we should get bak and i was over the moon, for about 2 weeks!! he then finished with me and then got bak and kept doing it he had me rapped round his little finger like he knew i would go bak to him whenever he felt like it and whenever it was ok for him, soo the last time he finished with me i just left it i havnt spoke to him since and i dont want to hopefully if he loves me that much he will come bak to me, but the question is will i want to get bak with him???