Toe curling kiss

Regardless of when or where, this one can be used by guys and girls.

Start a kiss by leaning in as always, and just press your lips gently, start slow. Start by slowly running your tongue to their lips only, and every 3rd or 4th slide your tongue in. This usually makes them want alot more. After this, put your hand on their back and slowly pull them close, place one hand on their neck or hold the side of their head as you run your other hand down their side.

The point of this is to AVOID the chest/female and crotch/male, and arrouse them by another means.

As you get to their side, most are ticklish, but when arroused this usually works like kissing the neck and can be such a major turn on. From here what you do next is up to you, but this will definitely get the engine started.