lot of names (Me and her)

My gf calls me so many names. First of all my name is Jacob, so she calls me Jake, Jakey, or sometimes "ob".lol. She calls me Ace or Chief when i ask her to do sumthing. She calls me Sexy, Babe, and Tiger. for the longest time i was fasinated by alligators so she calls me Gator. I went to school to learn Japeneese so she calls me Kaji, which means Jake. She calls me Mr.Incredible sumtimes. My gf read the whole twilight saga, so sumtimes she calls me Jacob Black, Werewolf, or My Jacob. Last Summer i went on vacation wit out her so she started calling me Thunder after the Song.
I don't have as many names for her as she does for me. Her name is Rosetta, so i call her Rose, Rosebud, Rosie, Thornbush and Letta. I took her to see twilight and she laughed when the vampire called the girl "Spidermonkey" so sumtimes i call her that. She doesnt eat meat so i call her veggie. She loves it when i call her "My Love", "My Life", or "My Everything", and of course the traditional babe, baby, and sexy. She likes that Animal character from the muppets so i call her animal. And lastly i call her mine.