This is for US women

Men want their women to call them theirs and theirs only... They always need to feel power even if they smoetimes feel that women actually ARE the ones dominant in the relationship.
Men like to show off and like their women to support them in whatever they do, because it's always "right".
They don't want them calling them the whole time, but giving them some space for them to miss them, even if they tell you otherwise, they always like a woman who gives them space to miss them..
Men hate critisism, even if women want it for good intentions, because they always want to feel they are doing nothing wrong !
Men think they have it all in the palm of their hands, but actually a girl is the one who attracts him first, that's why THEY always ask us out...
We are the sexy ones and we RULE..
Don't let them play you and throw you right back to where they found you.
A smart girl kisses but never tells..Leaves before she's left!