20 ways to making it last forever!

Here's 20 ways to truly show you love each other, sure to keep any relationship alive!! Hope this helps!

1.COMMUNICATE- I dont think theres any aspect of a relationship more important than communication. Tell him/her what you need, what you like and what you dont like...or things will never change.

2. TRUST- Without trust no relationship will ever work.

3. BE SENSITIVE- Be sensitive to each others feelings. When he/she expresses how they feel its for a reason, don't ever down grade your partners emotions.

4. APPRECIATE IMPERFECTIONS- Enjoy and appreciate the goofy things about each other. You have to love EVEN the things that aggravate you most about one another. No one is perfect!

5. HONOR- Honor and respect each other physically and emotionally, when you are together and more importantly when you are apart!

6. CUDDLE- No matter how busy life gets, make time to cuddle. Its important to feel the warmth of each other, and the safeness of being wrapped around one another.

7. APOLOGIZE- Don't be stubborn when it comes to your love! When you know your wrong simply admit it and apologize!

8. BE ON TIME- It does not seem like a huge issue but it is! Respect the other person enough to show up when you say you will. No one likes to be left waiting around.

9. KINGS/QUEENS- Make each other feel beautiful! It is very important to feel pretty/handsome, and to feel like your partner wants you. So tell him/her that they're beautiful as often as possible.

10. BEING NEEDED- Make sure your partner knows that they are needed. Its is one thing to want your significant other in your life, but it is much more important for them to know you NEED them there. Everyone wants and needs to be needed!

11. LIVE OUT YOUR DREAMS- Its important to include each other in your everyday lives, but include each other in your dreams too. Every one has a childhood dream or two, live them out together, and make new dreams of yall's own!

12. GIVE SPACE- Give each other space. Yes, you love each other more than the world, but that does not mean you don't deserve to have individual time. He needs to time to watch the game with the boys occasionally, and she needs time to shop and gossip with the girls! Give each other that time, and when you come back to one another, being apart is gonna make your time together that much SWEETER!

13. PICK YOUR BATTLES- Him/Her not doing the dishes may seem like the BIGGEST problem ever, but is it really worth fighting over? Pick your battles wisely, and spend as much time together getting along. That way when the big problems come along, they know you mean business.

14. DON'T GIVE UP- Don't give up on each other! If he/she says they are going to do something, they probably will! It may take a little longer than you might have expected or wanted, but they will succeed, don't give up on them!

15. DON'T BE JEALOUS- If your a jealous person, work on it! No relationship will ever work if your constantly jealous of each others friends, family, or accomplishments!

16. KEEP THE LOVE ALIVE- Life can be very hectic sometimes, but its important to find ways to keep the spark alive. Your never to old to flirt and be playful with each other. Be romantic, even if its not in your nature, you two are worth the attempt!

17. BE PATIENT- Love is patient! Take a breather and be patient with one another. Some of the best things in life are worth waiting for!

18. DATE NIGHT- Reserve one night at least once a week/month for just the two of you to spend together! It doesn't matter what you spend it doing, just make time to be together!

19. GIFTS- Money and gifts may not BUY happiness, but no one ever said it would hurt, right? Buy or do nice things for each other occasionally! If he/she drops a hint that they like/want something new, pay attention and make an effort to surprise them with it later! It's definitely worth the money to see them smile!

20. BELIEVE- Believe in one another! Believe that your partner will make take care of you, or make things right when they aren't! When they say they will do some thing believe that they will! Be their number one biggest fan!!