As long as it's true love Age Does Not Matter

For any of you girls out there who think you are in love with an adult man, there is one thing, and only one thing you should know. And that is the answer to this question: "Do you really love this man for who he is, and does he love you back for who you are, without being naive and greedy?" Well, does he? Do you?
I understand that sometimes teenager girls will occasionally fall for their teacher. Or maybe a friend of their parents. Well, frankly it isn't your fault. Adult men are much more mature and responsible than boys.
But you need to be sure that you are not being used, and that you truly are in love.
And remember! If this man loves you back, he will WAIT FOR YOU, no matter what and no matter how long.
If that is the case, then congrats. It's true love. And then, the age gap does not matter.