hes having a baby

me and my bf broke up about 6months ago , i love him more than life itself. about 2 months ago he rang and asked if he could see me telling me that he wanted me back, but that a girl he was seeing had got pregnant and that he had to wait until she aborted it before we could get back togther. and so, maybe foolishly i went to see him we had a few drinks and talked about all the happy times, and he told me how much he loved and missed me and wanted me back, but oviosly had to wait for his current gf to have an abortion. i never sed i wanted him back - but i never sed i didnt either - i was leaving that open. however, to my utter deveastation my ex's gf wil not have an abortion and now he is staying with her as she is having his baby. im devestated , i know he still loves me but hes staying with her for the child - and i respect him for that i suppose.