jus keep whispering kinky sexy stuff in her ear,
and eventually she will want to make the moves on u.

Touch is very highly important, but talk is sexy.
Women love to be talked to. be sure u dont yell,
they hate that.

Oh yeah, and women hate to wait, especially when it comes to sexy stuff. so if u two already have tight chemistry,
dont wait any longer, jus make the moves happen, and dont be a moran asking for permission, love is about taking, not jus asking like a moron. it does require that she is into u though, u cant jus be all over her when she truly hates u. Watchout for that.

interested women will pay attention to u, and noninterested women wont give u a second look.

and most women like rugged looks with classy clothes.
for u men out there, thats a big tip for u.
shower, shave face, and comb your hair.