when you're making out

-run your fingertips up her spine. if you're lucky it'll make her breathe harder.
-if you're going to kiss her neck, be SUPER CAREFUL. if you leave a mark on her she'll get really pissed.
-stop occasionally to look into her eyes and compliment her-not sleazy things. sweet stuff like 'i never noticed before, but you have nice shoulders' or 'your eyes are the colour of...' (milk chocolate, the summer sky, beach glass, something nice. be creative but not weird-definitely don't reference video games unless that is already a joke between you and this girl.)
-if you need to stop and take a breather, don't just stand there panting. pick up her hand and examine it like it's fine art. kiss her palm.
-change it up. don't just kiss her, keep your hands roaming the safe zones (hair, back, sides, arms) and never stick your tongue in her mouth. use it for brushing against her tongue and lips only.
-if there's a significant height difference between you, make sure and give her a neck rub after a long make-out session. she'll be sore from craning her neck to kiss you.

so there you go. tips for guys from your helpful local lesbian.