How to say I love you or what to do if said to you.

Don't tell your partner that you love them until you’re sure that you actually love them. (Or if you’re just getting to know them and want to levitate a situation using humor).

If you think you’re ready to say those three words, well here’s some tips on what you should do before hand:

1). Pick a perfect place that you know your boyfriend or girlfriend would love.
2). Don’t rush into it once you’re at the time and the place.
3). Never say those three words for the first time while eating! *
4). (Be sincere when you speak). Look into their eyes, wait for silence (approximately 5+ seconds); wait until he/she is lost in your eyes and say it! “I Love You”. See? That wasn’t so hard now, was it? If the response is silence, or in “awe”, don’t panic! If or when the time is right for them to speak, they will do so. If they say it back, but don’t really sound like they mean it, they are obviously nervous, so the only thing you can do is quickly say something funny to lighten up the moment. (“Inside jokes” work best in this scenario).

Now, if your partner should tell you those three words at the spur of the moment, be prepared ahead of time. Don’t say it back unless you feel the same way. It’s hard to know what to do exactly, just don’t hesitate for any reason. Your heart will let you know how and what to say. Don’t worry; your feelings will come out in words once your partner expresses his or her feelings to you. Your heart won’t have time to change; it can only speak the truth. (Never Panic)!
Hope I could help…