From Hello to Falling... (The truth about long-distance relationships)

I'll start off first by saying this:

Long-Distance relationships are harder and less likely to work out the younger you are. With that being said, if you meet someone online or via phone and then you actually meet that person, be your self and nothing else! Donít show up in a pair of old jeans and a plain white t-shirt. You must present yourself in the same manner you would expect someone else to. (For example): Maybe a nice duck-head shirt and a pair of kaki pants and timberland boots.
Don't try to impress him or her. Talk about your interest and ask what would your partner like to do for fun.

Don't brag! Number one rule! If you start bragging off the bat, he or she will likely avoid you once you're gone.

The number one thing you should do: get to know the person you're meeting. Take that person out to lunch. Having met for the first time, you wouldn't want to go to dinner because then the day would almost have to come to an end and honestly you don't want to make the night too romantic considering you just met this person.

If that person is spending the night in your home, insure your home is clean and makes a good impression. Personal hygiene is also a priority! You canít forget about these important things just yet. Make sure they have a guest room or any decent bedroom to stay where they can sleep and have their privacy. You must never sleep in the same room with someone new! Because they likely wouldnít be comfortable doing so. (Donít ask, because he or she will likely give in just because itís your home after all)! Lol.

Once youíre ďinĒ love, then you can lose yourself from time to time. Thatís all I can tell you, I just wish you the best of luck!

Just remember.. Hygiene, clean home, clean car, LUNCH, sleep alone, and donít initiate the first kiss until youíre sure the person whom youíre with is comfortable and ready to advance to that level.