make him want you!

When you are sitting next to him, wait for him to put his arm around you. Then, move closer to him and he will probably put his other hand on your leg, or even maybe lift up your shirt a little and put his hand on your hips or back. Once he is doing this, place your hand lightly on his and wait for him to hold your hand. It's really cute when they lock fingers with you or just hold your hand lightly and caress it with their thumb. At this point, move his hand either around you so he is holding you tight or to your chest. Then, put your free hand on his face and ever so gently turn it so that he is facing you. FINALLY, lean in and kiss him. If he is responding well, try to turn your body so that you are facing him (or straddling him) without breaking the kiss. wrap your ands around his neck and run your fingers through his hair. It will be a kiss of a lifetime and you'll finally have the boy you've been waiting for.