so you want him back right? here's how to do it

So this is our story. We've known eachother since 11 years of age. After elementary we parted schools and then ended up in the same high-school in grade 11 and 12. One random day we hooked up after both getting out of a relationship. And that was it. We were in complete love. Nothing was stopping us. BUT we lost ourselves in eachother. Or goals, our passions individually seemed to wash down the drain. after a year and a month exactly he broke up with me. WHY? cause i lost myself in him and he knew it! I did not beg him back, but did ask him if he wanted to give it a second chance, and a couple midnight txt's. OOPS big mistake. pushed him even further. After listening to friends, family, books, and of corse the internet I learned that he needs to see me gone before he wants me back. And that's exactly what i did. I went for a talk with him and told him i accept the fact were not together and im moving on, and i want you to be happy. thats it, nothing deep, no crying, with a big smile on my face. That night i re-added him on facebook, you wanna be friends OK, you can be my facebook freind. He thought i was no longer hurting(which i really really was) and he seen on my page nothing but smily faces on my status, and how im really moving on! he deleted me! and then re-added me a day later. questionable move hey! it got me thinking, yup he really is hurting. I've cut myself off and refuse to talk to him. Im just seeing where it's gunna end up. Our love was true love, and i stand by the quote "if you love something set it free, if it comes back it was meant to be", how true. Anyway ladies of the world, let him go and eventually he WILL come back, im just waiting, its only been 1 day, and the outcome is gunna be exciting :) have faith!