10 Essential Dating Tips

1. Join more than one dating site. Never put all your eggs in just one basket.

2. Don't waste your money on paid sites. There are tons of amazing sites that are 100% free.

3. Message and chat with as many interesting men or women as possible. Always remember, it's a numbers game.

4. Don't invest too much time in communicating with any one person. There are a lot of men and women who want only to flirt online, and nothing more.

5. Be leary of men or women who only have one picture to show you. Always suggest you would like to see more pictures.

6. Push for a real life encounter as soon as possible. You can never really know someone, or know if you click, until you've met this person face to face.

7. Always assign a public place for your first face to face encounter. This is just plain common sense. Safety always comes first.

8. Don't give out your actual phone number or e-mail address until you've actually met this person at least once.

9. Make sure you bring your cell phone, and keep in touch with at least one friend who knows where you are, and where you're planning on going.

10. Have a backup plan, just in case your date turns out to be a real dud. Never let a bad date ruin your entire evening.