My one and only

the day has passed
yet i feel this love is meant to last
to be with you is such a mystery
it arouses my curiousity

the dawn breaks
but my love 4 u is still wide awake
waiting for the time
that you will one day be mine

each second ticks by
anxiously waiting for your reply
although you sit beside
i wonder when you will decide

when i asked you by the gate
you said that i should wait
but impatience is a sin
for my hope is growing dim

then you called me on the phone
asking if i could pick you up from home
we went where we could see the sky
and there you gave me your reply

ohh how elated i felt
and then before you i knelt
uttered the words that first came out
but didnt even think to shout

i wanted the world to know
how much i love you so
there i knew and there i stated boldly
the promise that you will be

My one and only.