How to tip him off (girls)

If you're guy is shy and its hard to get things going with him, try subtle moves.

It turns me on when my bf puts his hands on me; it makes it so much more romantic than when only our lips are touching.

To get him to feel me up a bit, I held his hands as we were making out, and brought them behind my lower back, so he was sort of hugging me.

Then, I slowly let go, without moving his hands away from my lower back, and placed my left hand around his neck, and pulled on his hair with my right hand. (You can do vice versa if you're left hand dominant).

This quickly got him into the mood, and he pulled me in tighter and grabbed onto my butt.

After things settled down, I held onto his hands again when
we started to rekiss.

I brought out entwined hands up in between our chests, creating a barrier between our bodies.

When things began to heat up again, I slowly let go of his right hand(the one in your left hand) and brought his left hand behind my lower back again, and slowly let go again, as I sucked on his lower lip.

In one quick motion, his hands were rubbing my breast and buttocks at the same time.

This turns me on real fast ;)

Easy, quick, non awkward, and easy to play off in case he rejects your subtleness.

Sorry it was so long. Hope it works for you too :)