it was a year and hes already tired of you?!

okay heres my story.::

on december 15th 2007 me and my boyfriend never talkd before we blindly got hooked up and who could have known that the relationship would last a year?? well at new years he went to a church lockdown and met a girl that he started to like ((still to this day says he dont)) and after that it went downhill. he said im nosy and too impatient yes i am. i wnat to know what hes doing like any other girlfriend wouldnt?!?

okay,so he told me he wants to "try" friends for awhile to see how it goes thats after for ayear of telling me he would never break up with me im his only one blah blah blah yep,so now we still text and talk all the time but hes starting to not reply to me or answer my sucks soo bad everyone is telling me to just ignore him he will fall for me even more if i do that but i was too scared he would take that as a good thing and just move on/

i was getting fed up with him saying "well i gotta go peace" and of course i would text him saying i hope u feel bad but ifound out that didnt really work. i never texted him back or called him back and after 3 days just 3 days he finally had the guts to call me and say "why havnt u been texting me like nuts or calling me!?

ha. i laughed on the phone (cuz that was what he did to me and i felt really dumb) and he started cryingggg. it hurt so bad inside i know it did but i had to stick up fer myself and i said. well carma bites now dont it? and hung up he texted me these crazy things then finally asked me out i said "ill have to get back at you for that" and he begged for days and tried to talk to me all the time. well finally i said "okay ill take you back,but remember what i said before it takes 2 to fall in love not just one" ever since then whoahh. its been amazing. (: