give it time

my boyfriend and i had NOT been together long, but there was sooo much between us. we were inseperable :) then one day he broke up with me, he said he was gonna be a daddy. he WAS flirt, but not a player. he messed around with this girl before i ever came along. and now, 2 1/2 months later, the girl came clean:she was lyin about the whole pregnancy! she just wanted to break he and i up. i truly loved him and i was interested in giving us another try. but he hasnt even looked at me since the break up so idk. but im still completely in love with him and in my heart, i believe we were meant to be. and if thats true, i guess i just need to give him time to realize it himself. and the same goes for you if yall were meant to be too. give him time and he will know what he lost.good luck :)