Is Not You, It's Them

Hi, I'm a 17 year-old and my boyfriend cheated on me with a girl that was older than him. But the thing is, she was my friend's sister and she knew what was foing on between them! She didnt even bother to tell me! One day she asked me "Are you still going out with him?" and of course I said yes. Another day I saw him texting someone but he didnt tell anyone who it was that he was texting. He always told me how much he loved me and that he would NEVER EVER cheat on me. I finally found out that he was "pretending" to go out with her because he didnt know what to say since she was calling herself ugly. He said he was so sorry for doing that to me and was talking all this crap about how he is the worst person on earth because he told a girl he liked her when he barely knew her and he had a wonderful girlfriend...I thought about forgetting all about this but there are some things a person just cant forget...But if you ever get cheated on by someone who said he or she loves you with all they got and promises you that he or she will NEVER cheat on you...just know that when they break your heart, its not you who's the problem...its them...they chose to end something very special with the one they "loved"...they are the stupid ones not you...they dont know what they're missing...But dont expect to be able to move on right away...a broken heart takes some time to heal but just remember that there's someone out there for everyone and while your waiting for that one person...its ok to start over with someone new...but until then just keep living your life as if that person never existed...but if you still love him or her...then obviously you have some things to talk about. Well, I hope you consider taking my advice. Thank You