wall kiss & touch

1st, the wall kiss. guys, push ur girl against a wall with her hands above her head, kiss her passionatley or french her, whichever one u prefer. gently rub/caress her thigh with one hand whilst the other hand olds her arms up. (it's best to lay your forearm over both her arms - it's easier)Girls can do this 2 but its more romantic for guys to do it.
2nd, touch. toch your girl anywhere, its best to either cup her cheeks in your hands or put your hands on her butt or hips. Girls, if ur guy holds your face, hug him, but not tight. If he holds your hips/butt, put your arms around his neck.

Me and my b.f do all of these all the time, except he takes the lead in the wall kiss. Its really romantic! ENJOY ;)