The Perfect Combination

Okay, so you don't want to have sex, but still get that same pleasure, right? Then, guys and girls, here's what you do:

Girls - to get your guy in the mood, apply lip balm (that's not sticky) in front of him, even licking your lips to show emphasis on the tongue.

Guys - compliment your girl, work your arms to wrap just above her butt, and look in her eyes. While you two stare into each other's eyes, inch closer to her, tilt your head, and kiss her on the lips.

Girls - don't let your hands hang. Place your arms around him, and just below the elbow. It creates a tingling feeling in your man.

Guys - make it tender, then lick you lips over hers. If she doesn't accept the invitation, try two more times with five or second intervals. If still no response, stop. At the point, she is uncomfortable (but to ensure kissing in the future, tell her you're sorry about going to far - this way she trusts you, and that won't be your last kiss).
If she does accept, have fun from there... :)