This one is a classic yet no one does it

Now most people under-rate this date. Go Downtown, to a park (pick a big one), a University campus, places like that and ask the person you've had your eye on and has been returning the signals to hang out sometime. Ask them to go for a walk and tell them the truth... what's the point in going to a movie for the first few dates if you're trying to get to know a person. In the movies all you do is sit next to each other in a huge room full of people staring straight in front of you. There's no time to unravel the mystery, make eye contact, --to learn about them. Walks are perfect and it always conjures up thoughts to talk about, questions to ask. If you live in a small town-- end up at a coffee shop, if the weather is nice sit outside across from each other. eye contact is a must. next time you guys can go to a movie or dinner.

it works for me i dunno