Our Nicknames..x

He Calls Me:
KLC - My Name - K Loves C - His Name.
Cakey - Dunno Whyy
Sexy Bum - He Loves My Bum
Kempsta - My Name Begins With K & It Sounded Good Lol
Kimmy Koo

I Call Him:
Petsta - Similiar To His Surname.
CiiCii - Dunno Whyy
Arseybabe - His Has A Nice Bum & I Call Him Babe A Lot.
Marshy - Summin 2 Do With Marshallows.
Chrissy Boy - Use To Call Him This B4 We Got 2gether :)
Chrissy Baby

Sometimes We Call Each Other:
BamBam & Pebbles Because Of The Flinstones Lol