the boy

my boyfriend dumped me for another girl then realised he still loved me and dumped her aftrer a day and we went back out..the thing is though, after a while the trust started to fadse and i didn't know wether he would leave me again.
So i dumped him and then realised it was a really big mistake..
slowly i managed to move on and now i have a new boyfriend who i love and my ex also has a new girlfriend..were still friends and we talk but the things we talk about normally relive the memories that we had together.we tell eachother how we feel sometimes that we still like eachother abit which is understandable as i know that there is a piece in my heart that wants him back even though it is wrong. i love my recent boyfriend but i just can't get over the lovve i have for my ex i need help he is planning on dumping his girlfriend and i don't know wether to dump my boyfriend oh bummer..i am 12 and stuck, yhoo may say i am to young to know and feel what love is but i am prety sure that my love for my ex is TRUE LOVE!! please help me i dont know what to do leave a tip please x