Saying the Smallest Things

K, first of all....girls will always feel self-conscious and will never feel good about some part of may be the bump on their nose the their size or even the way they laugh!

If your girl asks you if she looks fat (she probably thinks she does) do not tell her that she does even though it may be the truth. Tell her that she looks great, fine, gorgeous, beautiful..whatever but not that she really does look fat. Also, when she asks you that question DO NOT hesitate with an answer; that my friend is never a good sign.

Girls have this image of the perfect girl inside their minds from the media and damn models in magazines. When you start talking about how hot, gorgeous that model in the magazine is really does not help her self-image.

Remember: sometimes it could be better to lie but never stop telling her how great she makes you feel. That could always save you #$% in the end!