Men Want What They Can't Have !

My ex broke up with me a couple months ago over trust issues and long term ideals. For the longest time, I cried, told him I loved him and wanted him and wanted to work things out - I even messaged him and 2-3 months after we met up (we're in a long distance relationship). We kissed but he told me he didnt want to get back. For the 1st time, I sucked it up and said okay, as you like. Now he's calling me and telling me how I'm so cute and adorable and the most thoughtful person he ever met and he is ready to settle down. If the guy is not afraid of loosing you EVEN AFTER HE LEAVES YOU, he'll see no reason to do the effort to keep you. Ladies, show him the difference, with and without you. Once you take the toy away, he'll come back crawling like a kid. DONT EVER HAVE SEX WITH AN EX until you get back the commitment you deserve.