You Lose, Plain and Simple

I have an amazing girlfriend, she's sweet and kind but lives 1000 miles away.. Unfortunately that's no exaggeration..

My high school sweetheart lives a 15 minute walk away.. We were extremely close with off and on relationships throughout the majority of the time I've known her. Shortly before I started dating my current girlfriend, me and this second girl became distant.. We had a number of misunderstandings and both thought the other was annoyed by us.. This was not the case.

Months ago, I'd decided that I was going to move to be with my girlfriend. This second girl was incredibly upset by the prospect of not seeing me again. Recently in an emotional outburst she started crying in my arms.. A few days later I saw her again and we ended up spending the night together talking at the end of which we ended up making out.. and again on another night..

Things with my girlfriend had been growing worse and worse for awhile before this happened.. Distance that great is not easy, especially when you both start getting busy..

So now I've cheated on my girlfriend with my highschool sweetheart.. I'm not sure how much my girlfriend loves me because our time together is severely limited.. And now my highschool sweetheart has professed her love to me and doesn't want me to leave..

Either way, someone gets hurt and I feel like shit..

You can't win, you won't.. The only thing to do is to make a choice and stick to it. If you don't cheat in the first place your life will be infinitely better.