Truth Comes in Many Forms

If you find yourself continually wondering whether your true love from afar is telling the truth, this is another indication you may want to reconsider this relationship. As the relationship develops and you pour your soul into your significant other, do you find that it is a mutual sharing of oneís soul, or are you having to pry and sift through layers and layers to get to what you sense is the truth? Does your distant love delve into their background, troubles, or anything about their life that would make conversation, or is it always you pushing the question envelope, and then coaxing them along to hear more? And when your distant love does reveal information, particularly without your prompting, you may not consider this, but within that revelation, they may actually be telling you about the core essence of what they are all about. In the context of a situation where your true love may be misrepresenting themselves as someone who genuinely cares, their unprompted outpourings may be designed to reveal their true nature, but to gain your acceptance of that failing. After all, they are sharing with you and this type of open exchange is what you desire. For example, if your love is saying they donít like how their mother prejudges them and is always assuming they are using people or misleading people. The confidence your love from afar may possess inspires them to say something like this to gain your support and acceptance, when all the while they may actually be revealing their true nature, their inner core. But your love for the person masks what you actually heard and you feel compelled to believe the person really isnít like that. I mean if they were, why would they reveal that to you, right? Keep your ears open ~ the truth is right there.