Time Heals ALL Things

me and my g/f brokeup about 1 month ago Im madly in love with her she still calls me and we have a strong bong as friends I just prayed to God and talked to my youth pastor about her he tells me its LOVE!!! (tell me something I don't know ) but we have talked about getting back together all i did was give her space and with time and prayer you will be back together because remember this whats ment to be will be and whats no wont be and remember if you love them give them time cuz i had soooo many restless nights and felt depressed but she lights up my day and i love her with all my heart and miss her in my arms I LOVE YOU IZZY AND NO MATTER WHAT WE DO NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE THAT AND I MISS YOUR SMILE AND BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES LOOKING INTO MINE I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL