The Unbelievable Pain

The pain that you feel. The pain everyone will undoubtably tell you to forget and that it is not your fault, is the only thing that will get you through this time. Pain is an emotion from God, and he has put it there for a reason. I cannot speak intelligently about God's motives however i think God has given us these emotions not to hurt us, but to protect us. Remember that you are not the one that betrayed your partner. But that will not make that sinking void in your chest go away, for me at least it made it stronger. That feeling of helplessness. Cry over it! Dread it happening again! My thought is this is your bodys way of defending you from it ever happening again. You will remember this pain and protect yourself from it in the future. Is that a good thing? Maybe not. I know for me it has made it difficult for me to ever trust a woman again. I tell myself that not everyone is like that and there is a right person out there for me. But do not let your brain take control of your emotions. As amazing as the human body is it is also very stupid. Listen to what your heart tells you. Cause the heart is a beacon of truth. Go into your next relationship with the same trust and love that you as a person have always had and keep in mind that it is not thier fault. If you are looking at this site then you are in good company. We have all had something like this happen to us. While noone may read this or agree with my point of view, there are many different ways to handle these situations. Mine is not 100% right. Just know that there are people out there that are feeling just as helpless as you. And to all those that do read this please know that I hurt for you everyday. I have for 3 years, since the veil was lifted and I came to know what these feelings actually felt like. Also know that there are people that love you and care for you. I am one of them!!!!! And you should be too. For if you cannot love yourself, then you shall never know the love of another.
He who loves himself shall have no rivals.
Benjamin Franklin