Know When to Wa,lk Away

Sometimes in meeting the love of your life who happens to be far away, it may cause you to sacrifice current relationships, possibly even a marriage. Should you decide to make this sacrifice, try to do so with as much knowledge and understanding into the long term ramifications that you can foresee. If you have not seen your certain someone up to this point and you are faced with making this decision, solely because of your communication via the phone and the internet, please do so extremely cautiously. Question yourself rigorously why you havenít seen the love of your life up to this point and seriously think about what you are about to do. In most instances, there is no turning back once you commit to your far away Love.

Taking this step commits you completely and totally. However, in doing this, your far away love will also know this and if they havenít been entirely sincere from the beginning, as human nature goes, they have even less reason to be sincere with you if you still havenít seen them. Much like a card game, you have shown your hand and they know they have your heart and you are totally committed. In turn, whatever games they may have been playing with you may increase because they know they have you lock, stock, and barrel. And for the mere reason youíve given up your previous life, you will feel obligated to stay in this situation no matter what your far away love does. Because of your commitment to your new love, it becomes that much harder to walk away once youíve given up everything from your past. It all boils down to knowing when to walk away ~ no amount of distrust, unrest, and obscurity is worth sticking around for to see if things eventually work out with your new love. Know when to walk away!